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- Frightening Happenings, Causes and Effects
- Islamic Solutions as Wayout
By Abdur Rasheed Abubakar
There are crises everywhere around us. The many innocent lives lost on a daily basis are evident of the fact that the world is no longer safe for the living. It is quite frightening to hear that there is nowhere to hide as the warlords, the architect of the wars, have even taken the fight into the space.
“It’s a world where animal’s blood seems more sacred than that of human”, a highly revered Islamic cleric, Shaykh Dhikrullah Shafii told congregation of Muslims in an emotion laden lecture, adding that, “we now live in a world where slaughtering of man by fellow man is a norm, kidnapping is a business. No one is safe, not even the leaders, who are the chief security officers.”
Reading about several butcheries on the pages of newspapers and watching the gory pictures of the mutilated bodies on big screen easily cast one minds to the communist regime of the 20th Century. A French historian, Stephane Courtois stated in the introduction of the book, entitled, The Black Book of Communism that the Communist regimes…turned mass crime into a full-blown system of government. He claimed that a death toll of 94 million lives, not counting the ‘excess deaths’ were reportedly lost due to war, famine, diseases, terror campaigns, land reforms and elimination of political opponents.
The Western world and its allies have today systematically adopted the Communist tactics and AL-FAHM investigations have revealed that Arab world, particularly the Middle East and third world countries are the main target. The Arabs, so far, have recorded major casualties since the beginning of the wars that have thrown the whole world into upheaval. The ongoing uprising in most of the Arab world is a case study and from all indications, the damages it has caused the world are more than the benefits.
Syria uprising, for instance, has claimed thousands of lives, including innocent civilians among whom are helpless children in the last 17 months. The gory killings in Homs and several other cities is still very fresh in people’s memory. The decisive battle has led to civil war where brothers raise arms against brothers; sons commit heinous crimes against their parents all because of one man, Bashir Al-Asad, the embattled President of Syria, whose family has ruled the Syrians for more than four decades.
Asad’s case is similar to that of ex-Egypt and Tunisia presidents, Hosni Mubarak and Ben Ali respectively, but it seems complicated even than that of the late Col. Ghadaffi of Libya, who met his sad end during the uprising. Two powers, the US and Russia are currently in cold war over Syria issue as both accuse each other of contributing to the hostility in the region. With Washington on the side of the armed rebels and Moscow’s unflinching support for the government, the war gets messier while the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty and the Arab League look on after efforts to make peace proved abortive. So sad, very bad that the embattled President, Asad prefers to see his people dying than stepping down for the rebels to take over. What a crises ridden World!
It is however unfortunate that other Arab countries, Middle East in particular share the same fate. Since the forceful creation of the State of Israel in 1948 in Palestine, Palestinians have known no peace. Countless numbers of defenseless Palestinians have lost their lives in the process of calling for justice, which they haven’t got till today. The devastating results of the US war in Afghanistan and Iraq are prevalent especially among the people, who lost loved ones, properties and investments. Findings revealed that the respect for places of worship, which was first practiced by Prophet Muhammad (SAW), was breached by the United States in the so-called war against terrorism when the US troops entered Falluja, otherwise known as the city of the Mosques, massacred the people and destroyed over 200 mosques. In Iraq, Sunni and Shiite Muslims have continued to kill themselves, the killing mostly carried out through suicide bombings.
Suicide bombing, an act of terrorism carried out by someone who does not hope to survive it, has spread all over. From suicide bombing in Iraq to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and the recent Bulgaria attack, to Nigeria, the country’s current nightmare, after corruption. Suicide bombers under the guise of a dreaded group nick-named Boko Haram, who hide under Islam, have inflicted on innocent lives the most catastrophic attacks the country has ever witnessed in recent times. The incessant bombings in the Northern parts of the country including the middle-belt, Jos, Pleatue State and the attacks on government and private properties especially telecommunication installations, with series of kidnappings are evident that the world is in serious crisis.
What of humanitarian and economic crises? Cases are too many to mention. Reports have revealed that several countries in the World are currently experiencing drought and famine, an example of the recent situation in Somalia. Even, the western world especially European countries are yet to get a bailout from the ongoing economic recession. According to the report of Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS), Somalia famine remains the worst humanitarian crisis in the world with a child dying every six minutes.
“More than four million Somalis, almost half of the country’s population require humanitarian assistance, including food, water, vaccination and health cares and three million of those are in conflict zones and difficult-to-reach areas. With an estimated 1.46 million displaced in Somalia, Mogadishu alone has become the site of over 300 internally displaced person (IDP) camps”, said report.
All is not well for most European countries. They are also approaching ‘humanitarian crisis’ as the region’s dept crisis and austerity measures increase the rate of depression, suicide and psychological  problems – just as government cut healthcare spending by up to 50 percent, according to campaigners, policy makers and health organizations.
CNBC news recently reported that a growing number of global and European health bodies are warning that the introduction and intensification of austerity measures has led to sharp rise in mental health problems with suicide rates, alcohol abuse and requests for anti-depressants increasing as people struggle with the psychological cost of living through a European-wide recession.
Hard economic situation and high rate of unemployment have made many Americans becoming increasingly desperate. In fact, findings revealed that there are many communities in the United States where it is simply not safe to go out at night anymore. Cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Phoenix and even in New York City are experiencing different kind of crime; hence millions of Americans find themselves prisoners in their own homes as they lock themselves in their houses in an attempt to keep the crime out. With the crime rate, most Americans, the self-acclaimed God’s own country, now find it hard to live the American Dream. For instance, the city of Detroit, Michigan literally looks like a war zone and violent crime is thriving. In 2010, reports say car thefts rose to 83%, robberies 50%, burglaries 20% and property destruction up to 42%.
Religiously especially from Islamic point of view, deviation from God’s guidance is the major reason the world is in serious crises. Allah (SWT) has warned that whosoever deviated from His guidance should expect a miserable life. “But whosoever turns away from My Reminder, verily, for him is a life of hardship, and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Resurrection.” Surah Ta-Ha (Q.20: 124)
Man, today, has distanced himself from the worship of God and allowed himself to be used by Shaytan (Devil). Many have sold their souls for power, fame and wealth. Hence, become slaves to the devil, living godless life in a godless society governed by the devil. There are reports linking some notable Nigerians, including celebrities, to different secret cults across the world but many are unaware or seems to have forgotting that it’s the plan of Shaytan to lead them astray with those ephemeral things of this World.
According to the Qur’an, Shaitan (Satan) succeeded in misleading our first parent, Adam (A.S) and Hawwa (Eve), and has promised to deviate his progenies from following their Lord’s guidance. Surah Al-A’raf (Q.7: 16-17), Iblis (Satan) said to Allah,“Because You have sent me astray, surely, I will lie in wait against them (human beings) on Your straight path. Then I will come to them from before them and behind them, from their right and from their left, You will not find most of them as thankful ones…”
The most potent machinery of Shaytan (also known as Devil) in the world today is Illuminati, powerful secret society, and findings have revealed that most powerful people of the world; leaders, activists, celebrities, politicians, and even religionists belong to this sect, which its mission is to rule the world, controls all the sectors, including source of knowledge; Universities, Magazines, television and radio.
Exposing Top 7 Illuminati Orders in his video documentary, Keith Thompson (The Truth) confirmed this, stating that, “…these days is difficult to determine who our friends are and who are enemies are. The illuminati have infiltrated every organization and they now poised to implement their One World Order. None of us are safe from the Devilish Plans of the Illuminati …because they determined to destroy the family, abolish religion, private property and destroy all inheritance and bring the whole world into a global government…”
The aftermath results of deviation from the remembrance of God therefore are disasters, crimes, diseases, poverty of various kinds and killings of innocent souls unjustly. It has given birth to different forms of vices such as corruption, greed especially for power. Racism, tribalism and the greatest of all is injustice have been the order of the day.
There is Al-Qaeda, HAMAS, Hisbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Red Hand Defenders, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Boko Haram and other so-called designated terrorist organizations in the world because of INJUSTICE! Undisputedly, terrorism is evil but late Osama bin Laden declared war against America and its allies because of what he termed as ‘unlawful occupations’ of Muslim lands and injustice meted out against the defenseless Muslims particularly in Palestine. The dreaded Boko Haram group attributed their clashes with security forces, which has led to loss of lives and vandalization of places of worship, as a result of injustice and police provocation. One of the group leaders once granted an interview where he said, “The police killed our leader, Muhammad Yusuf, and many of members without trial. They’ve killed innocent people who are not our members,” and several other cases of injustice.
The Syria massacre is a result of greed for power by Asad’s regime. The Western world dominance of other countries has also been branded as such by most political analysts. They wonder why Washington spent millions of dollars, sent troops to Iraq, Afghanistan and other Arab countries while it fails to find lasting solution to the increasingly high of rate of crimes in its country if not for ‘personal interest’ which is oil? Economically, the world is in crisis because the wealth is not fairly distributed. Instead it is concentrated in the hands of few ‘special’ people, hence, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. The poor have continued to wallowing in abject poverty with some indulging in crimes like robbery, all to get means of sustenance.
Islamic Solutions as Wayout
The government has failed its own people and the system seems not to be the best except and until man return to Allah. Affirming this, God says“…whoever follows My Guidance shall neither go astray nor shall be distressed.” Q. 20: 123
The guidance of Allah is the Qur’an and it is only in Islam world peace can be guaranteed. Therefore, Islam has set up certain principles that will help stop crises in the world and achieve everlasting peace among people of the world.
  • Equality of Mankind before God (Q. 5: 18, 49: 13)
  • Justice in all circumstances (Q. 41: 34)
  • Peaceful disposition to others
  • Cooperation among nations and cultures for good of all and last, defence readiness because those who are inclined to peace often become an object of attack by the wicked ones if they fail to plan for their self defence.
Role of the Muslims
A Christian friend once asked me, “What peace process does Islam has for the World when it’s obvious that Muslims are the major perpetrators of the violence?” Another friend of mine, an Afro beat musician, once told me that Nigeria is among the most religious countries in the world yet we are rated as one of the most corrupt countries. Asking why, because we have too many religious people that are not sincere or use religion as a smokescreen to commit vices.  From the happenings around us, I ‘may’ agree with my musician friend but disagree with my Christian friend because it’s only in Islam lies world peace.
For the world to therefore appreciate the universality of Islamic message towards uniting the world, Muslims have a religious responsibility to be a peace force for the world. Islam enjoins them to spread peace and to watch against any disturbance to peace – to be witnesses for mankind as Allah says, “ O you who believe stand out firmly for God as witness to fair dealing…(Q. 22: 78)

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