Wednesday, 25 September 2013

NOKIA, Arsenal FC, Disney excluded from boycotted products + revised list of new boycotted products

If information at our disposal is anything to count on, AL-FAHM investigations have revealed that Nokia Ventures Organization, Arsenal Football’s Club and Disney have been excluded from boycotted products. Updated list on inminds website ( in conjunction with Islamic Human Right Commissions (IHRC) showed that these companies and others including Sara Lee (textile company), Danone have been syndicated.

The details reports on each product/company stated below…

Disney: Disney, working with the Israeli embassy, was given 1.8 million dollars by Israel to promote Jerusalem as the capital of Israel at a special exhibition at its Epcot centre in Florida, strategically positioned so that every visitor to the centre would have to walk through the exhibition in order to reach the exit. Jerusalem is an illegally occupied Palestinian city and under international law can NEVER be the capital of Israel. The exhibition has since been removed so Disney is no longer on the boycott list.

Sara Lee: Sara Lee has divested its large stake in the Israeli textile giant Delta Galil so it along with its two dozen plus brands have all been removed from the boycott list.

Nokia: Nokia Ventures Organization which had so heavily invested in Israel is no longer part of Nokia and is now called BlueRun Ventures and has many investors now. Note that Nokia is still one of its investors, but its stake in Israel is now no more prominent than countless other technology companies who are not on the boycott list, so Nokia has also been removed from the list.

Arsenal FC: Following a concerted campaign, Arsenal Football Club's contract with the Israeli Tourism board to promote Israel as the teams "official and exclusive travel destination" on its digital perimeter boards (to an estimated 700 million viewers in 198 countries) was not renewed. Subsequently, Arsenal FC has been removed from the boycott list. Note that Arsenal still runs 'Arsenal in the Galilee' coaching project in Israel.

Selfridge: Selfridges flagship store in London was picketed for stocking a range of settlement products including Ahava and soon a boycott of the store followed. It no longer sells Ahava Dead Sea products on its website, although it does advertise Estee Lauder Origins 'body scrubs' which include Dead Sea salts. As part of our strategy of a more focused boycott campaign where individual Israeli brands like Ahava are targeted, Selfridges in no longer on the boycott list.

Danone: Whilst Danone is still on the boycott list, it has gone through some changes and lost some of its famous brands and these are no longer on the boycott list. A Jacob biscuit is now owned by United Biscuits; HP foods and Lea & Perrins is now owned by H.J. Heinz; and similarly Galbani and LU Biscuits are also no longer owned by Danone.

The organization has also revised the list of boycotted products, with inclusion of new ones. The purpose of boycott is to peacefully put international pressure on apartheid Israel and follows in the footsteps of the successful boycott against South African apartheid. 

The revised list includes Keter, Curver, Jardin, OutStanding and Allibert in the Plastic category. Although, most of these products are not in circulation in Nigeria, they spend huge lots of money on Israel. For instance, Israels Keter Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of plastic consumer products. The Israeli plastics giant is privately owned by the Sagol family, and has a turnover of $1.1 billion, 90% of which is derived from overseas sales.  

The same also apply to food and drink. While Coca Cola remain the third largest, Nestle has continued to appear on the list of companies supporting Israel. NestlĂ© is the world's largest food company, it owns 53.8% share of leading Israeli food manufacturer Osem, an investment worth over $850 million, according to the reports recently released by Nestle has 9 factories in Israel, which after China (18) and Russia (11) is the highest number in any country in Asia - disproportionately high when one considers its size and population. And in May 2011, Nestle announced plans to build another factory in Israel, an ice cream plant worth $40 million. 

Also, McDonald's Corporation is a major corporate partner of the Jewish United Fund and Jewish Federation. According to the Jewish United Fund, through its Israel Commission it "works to maintain American military, economic and diplomatic support for Israel; monitors and, when necessary, responds to media coverage of Israel". 

The Jewish United Fund also runs "Fun-filled Summer Family Missions to Israel" where families get to "visit an army base and meet with Israeli soldiers" and "visit our sister city, Kiryat Gat and see the important work we are doing there". Kiryat Gat is built on stolen Palestinian land - the lands of the villages of Iraq Al Manshiya and Al-Faluja whose residents were ethnically cleansed in 1949 in contravention of International Law. Through its "Partnership to Israel" programme, the Jewish United Fund provides $1.3 million annually to help further settlement and development of Kiryat Gat. The Jewish Federation, through its Israel Action Network is tasked to fight "efforts to boycott Israeli products" and "campaigns, such as equating Israel with apartheid South Africa".

Scholars of Islam have unanimously agreed that boycott is a MUST for Muslims, a means of showing brotherhood and solidarity for their brethren. Among such scholars were Qatari based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, Irananian spiritual leader, Ali Khumaini, and Sheikh Dhikrullahi Shafi'I from Nigeria.

Luqmon Yusuf opined that the weapon of oppressors is economy, stressing that the only way to stop them from committing their oppression is boycott. He noted that if Muslims are aware and would boycott Israel products all over the world, it will go a long way in curbing the aggression against innocent Palestinians.

 - Rasheed Abubakar

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