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- Calls world leaders to end the massacre
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Gaza under fire
 Muslim Awareness International (MAI) has condemned in strong terms, the ongoing onslaught by Israeli government against innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip, calling on the international community and good-spirited fellows of the world to mount pressure on Tel-Aviv to stop the bombardment.

In a statement, the Director of the Nigerian-based NGO, Engr. Luqman Balogun said it is worrisome, though not surprising, that Israel could carry out this horrific crime against the Palestinians in Ramadan, Muslims' holiest month.

In the last one week, hundreds of lives, including that of 18 members of the same family have been lost and properties worth billions of dollars vandalised by the occupation government, yet the world shows apathy.

The body bemoaned the US and the international community for their double standard and unconditional support for Israel to kill innocent people in Palestine.
innocent children, victims of Israeli offensive

Engr. Balogun said, "We are not happy with the reaction of the United States that Israel has the right to defend itself by killings civilians in Gaza, as this would not bring an end to the crisis. It would rather fuel Israeli aggression to kill more people, in the name of fighting HAMAS. We believe that the world has been bias when it comes to Palestine especially the HAMAS leadership in Gaza.

"It's high time Israel and the international community stopped seeing HAMAS as a terrorist organisation if truly they want peace in the Middle East. It's a great injustice to compare HAMAS with other terrorist organisations. HAMAS is a legitimate government in Gaza. It won the mandate to govern the people since 2006 with a landslide victory, and despite Israeli's siege, the government has always been on the side of its people by providing dividends of democracy."

MAI called for an immediate end to the killings of civilians in Gaza and charge the United Nations to investigate Israeli's regime for unjustified military action against humanity.

It would be recalled that Israeli government accused HAMAS for the kidnap and eventual assassination of three Israelis. HAMAS denied involvement in such act, yet Israel insisted and used the opportunity to begin brutal airstrikes that have killed not only Muslims, but Palestinian Christians as well.
protest in Nigeria courtesy of MAI

"This is not just about Muslims, it's about humanity, because there are Christians in Palestine who are also victims of Israel aggression. Humanity is one irrespective of who they are. The world should collectively decry Israel and mount pressure on its leaders to stop the show of shame and disregard to human lives."

While we called on the United Nations to investigate the circumstances that led to the dead of Muhammed Abu Khudair - a Palestinian teen - who was found dead in Jerusalem, having been kidnapped and burnt at the stake.
We urged the body (UN) to enforce its resolutions against the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the settlements conflicting with international law in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

MAI is an non-governmental organisation based in Nigeria. It concerns itself with events that affect humanity globally and Muslims in particular.
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